Fayose: Nigerian Youths, Best In The World


NIGERIAN Youths have been described as the best in the whole wide world.

This was the description of Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose while reacting to the comments of President Muhammadu Buhari, who described the country’s young population as illiterates, lazy and those who awaits freebies from the nation banking on the note that their country is an oil producing nation.

Mr Fayose on Monday, lamented that the under privileged youths among themselves have had to struggle hard to make it in an environment without viable and equal opportunities.

The governor who addressed corps members during their passing out ceremony, at Ise-Ekiti orientation camp, said Nigerian leaders believe strongly in them, their industry and strength of character amid daunting socio-economic odds. He urged them to keep hope alive and assured that a new, younger and energetic leader will soon emerge to better their lot.

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“Without being immodest, I join other Nigerians to condemn the statement that undermines our youths, describing them as lazy. I, rather, say our youths are the best in the world.

“With great determination and lack of opportunities, you have been forging ahead and struggling to make it; we believe you are the best; the entertainment industry is greatly populated by the youths and you have fetched great fortune for the country. So, it is inappropriate to say you are lazy. We need a younger and energetic Nigerian as next president. I assure you of our best hospitality and protection,” he said.